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The glyphes that are the letters of the alphabet are the realization of the thought, the creative thought, the first thought, the tool of the creation of the indefinite.

The Cabbala is going to speak, is going to awaken you in the energy, in all the vibrations which cross the world, which animate him and give him life. His office bases on the relation which there is between them and the source, the Indefinite. All the creation and the Indefinite are so connected. The office and the quality of their link base on the Love, indispensable condition of the existence and the transmission of the knowledge.

" If you want, you will can it. Son of the man, looks!
Contemplate the light of the Presence which lies in all the existing!
Contemplate the joyful strength of the life of the worlds of at the top!
See how it lowers and fills any plot of land of life which you perceive with your eyes of flesh and your eyes of the spirit.
Contemplate the miracles of the Creation and the Source of everything living which gives rhythm to every creature.
Learn to know.
Learn to know the world, your world.
Discover the logic of your heart and the feelings of your reason!
Feel the vibrations of the Source of the life which is in the depths of you and over you and around you. The love which burns in you, make it rise towards its powerful root,
spread It to all the soul of all the worlds.
Look at the lights … "

Baal Haorot, The Master of the Lights, Ord Hagodech, 1, 64.

Internet user, it is, in any transparency, what we want to express and to share with you.

Us, Mystic Solar Work, us are an association governed by the french law of 1901. Solar energy: we make simply reference to our membership in the solar system. Work: we want to mean a voluntary initiative, a construction of our being, a simple and beautiful construction of a builder there.

This philosophy is an act of the Love, we can consider it as Mystic.

" In the wide, in the wide ... That God widens my soul … That it is never locked into a prison either material or spiritual … "

Baal Ortov,The Master of the Lights.