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La Lampe Divine

This book is of a great richness. Apart from the fact that it presents a prophetic and extatic system, we recommend it because it's a help and a useful companion for the study of Sepher Yetsirah . TAO

> The Divin Lamp- Abraham Aboulafia - Annotated and translated from Hebrew by Georges Lahy - Editions Lahy

Livre du Signe

Abraham Aboulafia tell us : “My soul has waken up in me, and a divin brise has touched my mouth. A holy spirit did vibrate in me, ans I had a number of fearful and wonderful visions through some signs and miracles !”. I recommand you this visionary treaty, in wich you discover the explicit name Shem Hameforash, and some methods of tserouf. TAO

> The Book of Sign - Abraham Aboulafia - translated from Hebrew by Georges Lahy - Bilingual edition - Editions Lahy


When we speek of Geomancy and some geomantic figures, we mean the whole lot of points, some points agglomerated in “constellations”, in wich the mysterious sense we are yet to master. It is in observing the traditional symbolism of esoterism in general and of alchemy in particular that we discover the profound sense of the symbolism of geomantic figures. Certains, by their designation, take us to the domain of mythes. The notion of myth must not be considered in the sense of “legends”, in the sense that the hermetists has given to them, wich see in a mythology as in Genesis, the recites allowing those that understand to have access to wisdom. The myth, by his initiatic nature, must put on the way : “That's Axis Mundi”, wich is not other than the axe of the world, manifested by the tree of life of the Kabbalah in his verticality.

Geomancy sublimated is earthly as to plan of perspective, that is to say that, it is the point of unity between "chtonien” and “ouranien”, as from the observator according to the point of geocentric. It becomes for the question of absolute, that masters it, a perfect provisions to reach cosmotelluric alliance. It is a conception of the world in wich the earth, as its name suggest, occupy the first place. Gaia Mantea (geomantic) on again Zarh El Ranil (in the east) consist at first observation to trace some signs in the sand. In fact, it brings to life a new language where can be decoded the state of consciousness expressed through this notion of syncronicité as said Jung. One can from that say that all that happen to us manifest a dimension of our profond life, of own innen vibration.

> Geomancie Sublimated - Raymond Assogba - Editions S.d.E (write to MOS France to get a copy)

But here, it is not the question of divinatory art, image that has been joined to it and wich has tainted the way one must look at this authentically initiatic art. It has to point out to man aat his stage of incarnation that he has found, the way of consciousness that discovers its source. This book must be present in your library. TAO

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