The Mystique Œuvre Solaire teaches a spiritual way

M.O.S units men and women of all countries that have in common an authentic search of a spiritual dimension the most advanced possible, in an open direction that excludes all dogmatism.
This research has for ambition to allow the searcher to harmonise his perception of human being with the laws that govern the cosmic world on the material plan, on the plan of thought and of the soul.
This research gives to each person the possibility of equilibrating his inner personality in a perfect harmony of all his vibratory plans.
It excludes no tradition, no personal approach of spirituality of which the multiplicity brings to the Mystique Œuvre Solaire, all its richness in the most complete respect of different individuals.
To construct this approach, the Mystique Œuvre Solaire teaches a spiritual way, a route, that of Universal Kabbalah.
The Universal Kabbalah is the teaching of the first principle of the functioning of energies.

It is the teaching of the way of life

It is the discovering of some structures of the way that utilise the divine energies for its densification until the material plan.
Energies that utilise matters so created for the functioning and the development of Life, then, that return to the original source enriched by the earth experience (The Universal Soul).
The Universal Kabbalah is a means that allows man to change truly his perception. This means permits not only to participate in the Universal work, but also to nourish himself of a sacred dimension that favorizes the adaptation to the quick changes to which our time is called for. Thanks to the sacred dimension that one can acquire, everyone can thus participate consciously in all sorts of changes and in the evolutions of values, that, finally, register themselves in the functioning of the Universe.

The universal Kabbalah has for objective to conduct you to an inner peace and to serenity